Arnav Sharma




SRM Institute of Science and Technology

It enabled me to be a better person today.

As a student I always liked to explore my creative side.

Under 25 gave me an opportunity to explore new goals beyond my college boundaries and be a person who has enables a dream of thousands come true in my college campus.

Being it leading the team, planning and programming strategies, networking with brands and bringing great thought leaders from industry of films, entrepreneurship, music, comedy at college with immense support of Under 25 and shaping dreams into reality.

I also feel so lucky to have such a cool Under 25 team along with me forever and the network of hundreds of like minded people - the students who believe in bringing the change aka Space Warriors from all around the nation with whom I feel that learning doesn’t have boundaries.

Making a Summit happen at my campus will always be one of my major milestones and turning point of my life which enabled me to be a better person today.

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