Purvasha Choudhari




Unitedworld Institute of Design

Missions have enabled me to earn Rs. 25,000+

Joining the Snapchat Opinion Program Leader Program under the guidance of Under 25 and Snapchat India has been an exhilarating journey that has transformed my understanding of augmented reality. As a student deeply rooted in the creative field, this opportunity has provided a platform to delve into the intricacies of AR through Lens Studio, the software instrumental in crafting the captivating lenses that adorn Snapchat.

Since June 2023, spanning over seven months, this program has not only enriched my knowledge but also enabled me to earn a rough amount of twenty-five thousand plus with under 25 goodies, a significant contribution for a student. The fusion of learning and earning has been a game-changer, shaping not just my skills but also cultivating a financial consciousness as I balance savings and spending.

The program's inclusivity is commendable, welcoming students from diverse backgrounds without limitations. Witnessing the kaleidoscope of perspectives merge into the creation of lenses has been truly inspiring. Each participant infuses their unique touch into the missions provided, unraveling various dimensions of executing the given briefs. There's a constant exchange of learning; sometimes, I'm the student absorbing new techniques, while at other times, I'm setting an example, and showcasing my approach.

Beyond crafting lenses, the program took an intriguing turn two months ago when our involvement expanded to collaborating closely with the Snap team. Our role? To enhance and refine the new community feature. This engagement has metamorphosed into a training ground for a wider scope, challenging us to identify bugs, discern potential UX issues, and provide possible solutions. It's a space where we're not just creators but also contributors to the platform's evolution.

The learning process has been challenging but incredibly rewarding. These lenses aren't just graphics; they're pathways to experiences, merging creativity with technology.

It's about learning, collaborating, and contributing to a platform used by millions.

As a student, Under 25 allowed us to open doors to a world where creativity meets technology, teaching us valuable lessons in both learning and earning.

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