Carol Maria Dsilva




Sir M Visveswaraya Institute of Technology

I’ve earned over 95,000 in two years!

I just wanted to be taken seriously.

I was 17 when I saw the form to join the Under 25 Universe as a Snapchat Opinion Leader. I filled the form thinking nothing of it. But that one form changed my life. Not only did I learn how to be creative and express myself in creative ways and mediums but I also found other people like me. I've always been an introvert but across my stay here in the universe I’ve spoken to over 1000 people and it has been liberating.

The perk of being an Under 25 explorer is that you get to earn money through missions. Throughout my journey of 2 years, I’ve earned over 95,000 in cash and kind.

Not only this but, I’ve been able to get freelancing gigs and build my portfolio through the community at Under 25.

To me, the best part about doing this is that I’ve gone from a complete introvert to an ambivert who can somehow talk to crowds of people without batting an eye. This experience has unlocked big things for me but the best part is that I was taken seriously, the 17-year-old with a small dream and big ambitions was taken seriously.

I still have a long way to go, but the person I'm molded into is a product of the Under 25 Universe.

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