Keerthana V




AMC Engineering College

My effort has amounted to a gratifying figure of around Rs. 50,000!

Tapestry of experiences.

There is a saying by Pablo Picasso that "Youth has no age". The sentiment behind this phrase is often embraced to emphasise the importance of staying open-minded, embracing new experiences, and maintaining a sense of wonder and enthusiasm throughout one's life.

Under 25 universe created such a huge opportunity for me. The story started with me receiving an email from a universe's child Kanishka Reddy for the SOL program. I thank my lucky stars for making me fill out the Snapchat Opinion Leader Program form.

The Snapchat Opinion Leader program was one of a breakthrough for me as a student and also as an individual. It was a great combination of learning and earning. I have been part of this program for three successive years and the perks of joining this program have just evolved exponentially.

Engaging in missions through the Under 25 community as SOL has been a transformative journey for me. Over the past three years, I've actively participated in diverse tasks, from creating a basic lens to contributing creative content and hosting a workshop on lens studio. The platform's dynamic nature has not only honed my skills but also broadened my network. Networking is another major add-on in being part of under 25. I have had an amazing experience of meeting students all over India and connecting with them.

Hosting a Lens Studio workshop was an exhilarating experience for me. One of the most gratifying aspects was witnessing the "aha" moments when participants saw creations come to life. The immediacy of feedback and fun way of learning and teaching had a unique dimension of experience."When we teach, we learn", the process of preparing for the workshop and hosting it was a value-added experience and life lesson that applied to my career too.

Making an impact on society, leading a change and also impacting personal growth, this journey of mine as SOL has played a vital role. The missions have challenged me to think outside the box, enhancing my problem-solving abilities and creativity. The supportive environment has been instrumental in building lasting connections, both personally and professionally. The energy and vibe in the program have made a long-lasting impact. Till today I share my energy with others which was the basic lesson of these missions. The 2023 Under 25 summit was filled with a vibrant atmosphere, pulsating with the energy of young minds and creative spirits, creating an electrifying backdrop for inspiration. Engaging with thought leaders, industry experts, and fellow hustlers fueled an atmosphere of collaboration. The experience as a hustler was another amazing breakthrough.

In the SOL program, we celebrated the little things in life. Be it my first lens-making, first million views, first SOL reward, first workshop, or first offline hangout with the SOL squad, we as SOLs have learned to support each other and be upbeat about life. With the creation of more than 750+ lenses with a total of 100M views, I have come a long way. The best part of this program was that everyone could learn at their own pace of learning. Through the missions, I've earned both cash rewards, the coolest merchandise, and invaluable experiences. The total sum, combining monetary rewards and non-monetary perks, has amounted to a gratifying figure of around 50,0000 which as a student was a proud feeling. The monetary rewards received by those under 25 have a sentimental attachment to me personally as I have gifted a lot of my close ones with it. Monetisation served as a form of recognition for my contributions.

This acknowledgement was motivational, and encouraging and kept me active throughout the program. The quality of the merchandise, from the comfortable T-shirts to the trendy tote bags, reflected the youthful spirit of Under 25. Special mention to the tote bag from Under 25 that I gifted to my grandma. She carries it everywhere and flexes about it. The merchandise has seamlessly integrated into my daily life, serving as a constant reminder of the supportive and energetic emotions that under 25 represents.

In essence, my journey with Under 25 has been a multifaceted exploration, encompassing personal development, community building, and financial empowerment. The under25 universe in shaping my narrative, and the missions and program have not only enriched my skillset in life but have also been a testament to the boundless possibilities that unfold when one actively engages in diverse opportunities. I would love to say that the Under25 SOL program is a "Golden Chapter" of my life.

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