Rushil Bali




BMS Institute of Technology & Management

We hosted over 700+ students in our college…

Hosting the Under 25 Summit at BMSIT is a memory that will always remain close to my heart.

Our Space Shuttle was very closely knitted and like a family, all thanks to my co-space warrior - Jonathan D'Silva. We would meet each other in campus, shoot content and thoroughly enjoy the process until the D-Day - when we hosted over 700+ students in our college to an experience of a lifetime.

Under 25 has taught me very valuable skills that helped me not just execute my summit but also everyday in life - design, marketing, editing, time management & so many more.

My peak memory would be standing in the last row, behind the entire audience, looking at everyone smiling and just feeling like - we did it, we accomplished this and there is no better feeling than us being taken seriously and executing this wonderful festival.

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