Suraj D Kammar




RV College of Engineering

Rs. 35,000 in 2 years…

In the realm of engineering a random mail sent by a friend, it led me to the unexpected path of becoming a Snapchat Opinion Leader and MVP of Under25 Summit 2023.

From crafting AR lenses to orchestrating workshops for hundreds across the schools and colleges, I unearthed hidden talents and triumphed over my fear of the spotlight here just because of the vibe and people I got here. I earned a lot of monetary rewards which any college student can enjoy engineering with.

Later stages I gave a try in the Hustlers Collective which was the crew of Under25 Summit 2023, I Immersed myself in the intricacies of marketing, facilitating the sale of over 500 event tickets and cultivating a vast network exceeding 1000 connections. As the acknowledged MVP, I orchestrated the intricate web of event management amidst a sea of speakers, fostering a profound understanding of leadership and community dynamics that transcended the traditional confines of academia.

Till day I’m part of Under 25 and still enjoying being a youth of this cult .

Even in the college I got a good recognition for the learnings I got here if there is any event this experience would help to reflect there .

This unforeseen journey not only redefined my identity but propelled me into uncharted territories, ushering in a wave of unforeseen success that continues to shape my narrative.

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